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Business Functions We Can Create - Codeframe

Business Functions We Can Create

The Codeframe approach is to initially deploy our existing business system which features all the core required elements for a business such as recording of Customers, Partners and Suppliers by dividing them along lines of People, Organisations and Locations.

With the core system deployed we then install the core modules that are underpinned by the core such as Purchasing, Sales Orders, Stock and Despatch plus Support Desk and Financials

Whilst we provision the initial system we use our knowledge of how your business currently operates to build some quick customisations

At this point, we have a baseline from which to build and customise the system so that it takes on the personality that fits your specific business.

At the same time, we also take a deeper look at the core operation (which varies widely from business to business) and how we can customise and develop to accomodate that

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