Cloud SaaS for Sales organisations

Sales Systems for Business


Businesses who manage to link and integrate their Sales activities to their Marketing and Operations will always thrive. Selling is an ongoing conversation between your company and both prospective and existing customers.

When your company views selling as a long-term endeavour, not forcing the pace but ensuring that you are ever-present with your Marketing, reliable and well-informed when you provide your products or services and professional with your sales efforts, you have a winning formula.


When codeframe develops your software systems, we always have an eye on the 5 key pillars of the business:

When we build core elements such as Contacts, Organisations, Locations or Products and Services, it is with a view to being able to use the across all of these pillars. This is often referred to as CRM but, for us, this is standard practice.


Specifically, this means that

All of of this can, of course, have audit trails and general notes over time.


The options outlined above have all been implemented within customer systems before, but, maybe you have something different in mind? Something specific to the way you trade? Not a problem, that’s what we do – develop bespoke systems that fit your business.

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