Email and Web Hosting

Undoutedly our most popular service – this is the provision of email and website services that allow your business to operate in it’s own name

Traditionally, sole traders and micro buisness may shy away from this because it is seen as complex But, get in touch with us; we don’t speak “jargon” and we’ll guide you through easily

Depending on your needs, the cost will be between £10 and £150 per annum.

Features of the Shared Hosting platform


We provide a robust, IMAP-based email service which is the best way of holding your mailbox both on our servers as the “master” as well as copies on any devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. All of these devices can be configured to send/receive email simultaneously ensuring all of them remain up to date so, an email sent from your phone will be in the sent items on your laptop.


We host, operate and support database technologies allowing your business to securely store data whether that’s for use within your business, securely between you and your customers and partners or even for full public access.

Our primary database offering is mySQL (MariaDB) but we also offer others if your technology needs require it.

Multiple Websites, Centrally Managed and Supported

Many of our clients will have a requirement for more than one website – for example, an external or public facing website (such as this) focussed on presenting the companies goods and services to the world. At the same time, you may require an eCommerce capability or a bespoke cloud software system to support your business.

Our speciality is to house all of those systems within our infrastructure providing you with one single point of contact for all you web, email and cloud services. We also specialise on integrating each of these systems securely to maximise their benefit to your customers, suppliers, partners and, ultimately, you.

WordPress, WooCommerce and Bespoke Cloud Systems

For companies requiring a content management system, an eCommerce capability or a fully developed, cloud-based infrastructure. Codeframe provides a one-stop-shop for all of these. We can deploy:

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