Creating solutions

Example Solutions

If you are looking to see what experience codeframe has or perhaps looking for inspiration – we have listed here, in no particular order, some “point” solutions implemented in various customer systems that you might be looking for yourself. If you don’t see something here, please feel free to get in touch.

SMS Communication

SMS has been around for a while but remains a convenient, low-cost and instantaneous means of communication. However, for business, using a mobile phone to send and receive text messages suffers from the drawback of being inconvenient and not centralised.

To solve this problem, codeframe can provide a system where all business users can send SMS messages from their computer (or tablet or phone) which will be presented to the recipient from your company’s own dedicated SMS number.

When the recipient replies, the codeframe system receives the message and routes it to your own dedicated area where any authorised user can see and subsequently respond.

This allows your business the convenience of sending and receiving text messages instantly (or scheduled) to one or many recipients whilst viewing sent and received messages in the order they were transmitted to show the flow of a conversation.

Use SMS messaging for alerting or enhanced customer service purposes.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

There are a number of strict security and privacy requirements for anyone taking card payments but the codeframe system is fully compliant with these.

  • The payment page shown to the client is fully-branded in your company details which provides a quiet assurance that you are a professional company and do not need to refer visitors off to 3rd party webpages to achieve the security standards they demand.
  • The payment page is fully encrypted (as are all systems that codeframe develops)
  • To achieve maximum regulatory compliance, the actual card details are not stored on any system that your business or codeframe are responsible for, Instead, they are stored with Stripe who provide the compliance standards on our behalf.
  • When customers pay you online with a card, they can opt to have the details of the card memorised (by Stripe) which allows you to rebill the client in future achieving the perfect balance between compliance, security and convenience.
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