Hosting Service


Create mail accounts, autoresponders, and forwarders. Also utilise our account and user-level filtering to help manage your email. Deter spam with Apache, SpamAssassin, BoxTrapper, and even email authentication. Finally, use our mailing lists to send out your message to the world


Use our security settings to configure password-protected directories, SSL/TLS, IP address denials, and GnuPG Key settings to restrict access. Learn to protect your site with ModSecurity, Leech Protect, and HotLink Protection

Software and Apps

Our hosting platform supports a massive array of third-party software addons to help you build your site as robustly and dynamicly as possible. Use addons for eCommerce, guest books, bulletin boards, and even blogs. We have enabled WordPress specifically as a one-click installation straight from your Control Panel. It couldn’t be easier.


Monitor your sites disk space usage all while editing and backing up files and folders


For a site to be dynamic, you need to store and retrieve data to use on your site. Our hosting service offers MySQL and PostgreSQL both to limit access and store large amounts of data


In this security-conscious time, every website should have a secure access feature enabled (and, arguably mandatory) – not only does our hosting platform allow you to use HTTPS but you can configure your website to demand a secure connection for all visitors.

Much more besides

There’s much more on top of the features outlined here, if there’s something you’d like to use or do but lack the technical knowledge – that’s what we’re here for – just get in touch