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How It Works - Codeframe

How It Works

Our software development service is based on a 3 step approach which takes an organisation with no current systems or a system being managed via multiple disconnected systems into a single software solution supporting the needs of your business.

Phase I – Scope and Setup

Phase 1a – Scope

To get started, codeframe needs to understand the core business processes for your business. We break these down into

  • Marketing – The search for customers
  • Sales – Customer Orders
  • Operations – Creating, Delivering and Supporting the product
  • Finance – Invoicing, Payments, Credit Control

We sketch the key processes and people involved in these areas. We deliberately keep this at a high level to allow us to move quickly to Setup

Importantly at this stage, we identify a key contact within your business who we can speak to regularly to get answers to early questions

Phase 1b – Setup

Based on the information we have, we move forward with the setup of the baseline system

Before any customisation work is undertaken, we start with a fresh installation of the required software, ensure everything is fully up-to-date before implementation and testing of the encryption, security and backup processes

Once system setup is complete and tested, we commence the loading of the baseline system and beginning the work of configuring it so that the core elements we discussed at the start are reflected and it becomes your system

Phase 2 – Develop and Iterate

We now have a baseline system where the key components for the business are reflected (eg Marketing, Sales, Operations, Support and Finance).

We progress your system based on an iterative process where monthly goals are discussed and agreed with the key contact. This ensures that the priorities of the business are always kept at the forefront of the system development. If priorities change, then a new direction can be forged as quickly as the next month

This cycle of discuss -> develop -> review continues for as long as the business needs or even within a specific budgetary limit. At a point decided by your business, it is possible to put development on standby which reduces monthly outgoings for the system down to the Backup -> Maintain -> Support cycle. Thereafter, when the business is ready to pickup with development again, the iterative development process can recommence

At all times, your business is in control of the pace, direction and cost of development; with Codeframe as your strategic advisor.

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