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Technology Options

Our service to your business works best when we have a nominated person within your business to work with. That may be you as the business owner or, more likely, a trusted “right hand man” (they are seldom men!).

We work closely with the nominated representative from your business to build their knoweldge on what technology options are available and how they might benefit the business. We even go so far as to recommend a periodic (monthly or quarterly) review meeting to maintain the momentum

This knowledge of technology capabilities, coupled with an understanding of the strategic direction of the business; is a powerful combination which can really unlock the potential of technology for your business

Technology Examples

  • SMS Messaging – To individuals and groups, both instantly and scheduled.
  • Email Sending – Again, instantly or scheduled and to individuals or groups.
  • PDF Reports – Any data held on the system can be compiled into a user-friendly form and then issued as a PDF (usually combined with the Email Sending capability
  • Email Receiving – We create a mailbox that can receive emails and then write code that periodically checks for new email, reads it and performs actions based on it’s content.
  • IVR Systems – We register a geographic number and then control how calls are answered and routed through our code. Maybe divert top-tier clients to a dedicated team, store junk callers in a database to block or simply gather basic information from callers without the need for a human. You decide!
  • Secure Logins for Employees, Partners, Customers and Suppliers. All logins are different, users have different roles and only certain users should be able to access certain information – don’t worry, information security is core to what we do.

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