Cloud Software as a Service

What Is Cloud-Computing?

At lot has been talked about Cloud Computing and Software as a Service. Amongst all the talk, there are some genuine benefits to running software in this manner and we’ll attempt to outline them clearly here.


Some time ago, operating business software via the Internet became a reality. Initially (and for some businesses, still now) this required additional facilities within the office such as high-speed internet connections, enhanced security options and, of course, the consulting and support costs required to maintain it all.

The solution to the issue of how to benefit from Internet-connected systems but without the high resource cost of owning and managing them was cloud-computing.

The implication of Cloud computing is primarily that your system is running in a datacentre. This is how Codeframe deploy the software that we develop for you. This offers an array of benefits which include:

  • Physical Security – Your core software system is within the protected wall of a certified datacentre where only authorised staff are allowed within the building and only a subset of them are permitted close access to the computing systems.
  • Data Security – The datacentres we deploy to also offer many ancillary services such as firewalls to provide an extra layer of protection.
  • High-speed Access – Through economies of scale, datacentres can offer very high-speed data connections to the Internet. For your business, this means, everyone, wherever they are in the world will get the best possible speed when accessing the systems.
  • High Quality Systems – Datacentres also provide high quality computing services onto which we can install the systems your business relies on.
  • Scalability – An interesting benefit of deploying to certain datacentres is that the systems run on flexible (sometimes referred to as elastic computers). This essentially means that a server’s power can be easily controlled. Need more power? Not a problem, simply request an increase to the server size and a few minutes later, it’s available. This flexible computing model had it’s roots with companies who experienced very high demand for short periods of time and needed a computer system to cope. Think of Wimbledon Tennis. 2 weeks a year, their computing needs massively increase. This benefits your business in that, a requirement for more power as the business grows does not require the traditional approach of replacing the current IT systems (known in our business as a forklift upgrade). We simply request more power and get it.
  • Geographic Independence – Codeframe can deploy your software close to the users that need it. We currently have the ability to deploy to
    • London, UK
    • Frankfurt, Germany (useful for EU data compliance)
    • Atlanta, Freemont, Dallas, Newark and Toronto in North America
    • Singapore, Mumbai, Tokyo and Sydney in Asia Pacific.