Marketing Cloud Software


As with all areas of our bespoke cloud software development we can get started with a standard marketing system and then further develop it to meet the needs of your business.

If your business has a tried and trusted processes that merely needs automating, we can capture those processes and then code them up immediately.

In many instances though, this may be the first foray into a professionalised marketing system and we’d recommend moving slowly, starting with our already-developed base marketing system before moving on to extend it further as your specific requirements develop.

Base Marketing System

Our base marketing system starts with the capability to build and maintain an email newsletter service as well as send communications via SMS and WhatsApp. There are several key components to enable this which provide the springboard to customise further based on the evolving needs of your particular business.

  • A central core system (that we call Codebase) which holds information on your customers/prospects in individual and/or company form.
  • An extension for your WordPress-based external website that stores a subscriber’s details securely in the core system. (If you don’t use WordPress, we can work to build this seamless integration with whatever system you operate).
  • A synchronisation process between the core system and your email newsletter service provider of choice (in our case, MailChimp) so that your company can use a best-of-breed service provider for Marketing.
  • An extension to the subscription service to also record a subscriber’s preferences to receive SMS and WhatsApp messages
  • The ability to differentiate between Marketing and Operational messaging such that a subscriber can opt to not receive Marketing information but will still receive any important operational messages they may need.
  • Ensure that the entire Marketing system (indeed, the entire cloud software system) is fully GDPR-compliant.
  • Facility to use a Mail Merge approach for postal communications. This can be as simple as producing a PDF document with letters to each nominated recipient allowing a straight-forward print or integration with a chosen print-provider.

Extended Marketing System

This is where we identify the specific needs of your business and customise the Codebase system to work for your own organisation’s objectives. This usually consists of building upon the Codebase Base Marketing System with your own customisations but can also start with a clean slate and work from there.

We also work with a number of content creators so we can introduce you to talented writers skilled at converting your business USP into a form of words that your customers will appreciate.