Software for Operations, Service and Support

The key area where a business succeeds (and differentiates itself) is, of course, through the delivery of it’s product or service. There are so many different potential products and services that your business might conceivably undertake that, unlike Marketing, Sales or Financials, it is not possible to outline a service here that will be relevant to your specific business case. To do that, we’d encourage you to get in touch to start a conversation about how codeframe can help your business automate and differentiate.

Examples of our work

What follows here are a range of examples of what we have previously developed for clients which will hopefully be a close match to what you have in mind or, at least, be sufficiently similar for you to see how, with some adjustments, a system for your business can be developed.


We have built a cloud-based software system which supports:

  • Products and their components (Bill of Materials)
  • Supplier purchasing
  • Manufacturing/Production
  • Stock Management and Stock Taking
  • Goods In/Out, Despatch Management and Returns
  • Quality Assurance testing

This particular client used the system as the basis for ISO 9001 accreditation.

Leisure Activities

We have worked on a cloud-based single-integrated system which comprises:

  • External website (based on WordPress)
  • Secure customer portal
  • Internal management system
  • Plus associated elements such as an API interface and Calendar publishing

This is developed for a leisure services business who launch and manage sports leagues across UK venues with:

  • Venue Management
  • League, Season, Fixture management
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing and Automated Card billing
  • Management Reporting

All of these systems are developed, maintained and fully-supported by codeframe providing a one-stop Software as a Service option for our clients. All systems also include fundamental areas such as Company, User and Location management plus communication capabilities such as Email, PDF creation, SMS and WhatsApp.