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Configuring Email for Windows & Outlook

Configuring Email for Windows & Outlook

To configure your email (on the codeframe hosting service), you will need to have received your email address and password details already – so, if you have those, these are the steps to follow

Navigate to the Control Panel

Control Panel is accessed by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard (or clicking the Windows start button or pressing Ctrl + R) and typing Control Panel

Run the Mail program

If you can see a Search box at the top of the screen, type Mail and hit Enter. Alternatively, locate the View By option and select Large Icons then locate the Mail program in the listing and select it

Create a new profile

Enter the Basic Configuration information

Enter the More Settings information

You’re All Done!

That’s it, all done. You can now click OkNext and Finish to complete the setup

Whilst doing this, the email program will attempt to connect to your mailbox and send and receive an email – hopefully, the tests should pass and you’re good to go!

We have made these instructions available with example screenshots in the PDF which you can download

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