Check Your Email Address

Over the years, there have been a large number of system hacks which have resulted in various size and amounts of data being stolen. Some of it has been published online.

As part of the security procedures we maintain for our clients, we keep an eye on these (and other) lists for the presence of any of our client email addresses.

In conversation with both customers and prospects recently, the subject of Cyber Security is becoming more prevalent and so we decided to make our security check system available on our site for your convenience.

Simply enter your email address and we’ll check the known sources of leaked data to see if it appears. This is a “guaranteed drop” service, meaning we do not retain the email address you enter for any purposes – we simply run the check, show you the results and then discard the email address.


Once you have checked here – you might also consider using our Password Checking facility to ensure that the password(s) you use are not commonly know or also the subject of a leak.