Codeframe is owned and operated by Marc Conlon, who has been involved in the IT world in some shape or form since the 1990s. Marc’s experience spans a number of areas from large-scale, datacentre-located systems supporting the largest financial, retail and B2B businesses throughout the UK and Europe.

Marc’s preferred area is micro, small and medium-sized business and specifically bringing the knowledge and approach of large, enterprise-scale IT solutions to the SMB market place.

For close to a decade, Marc operated a small but successful IT support business focussed on Server, Desktop, Laptop support but has returned to his original roots, where it all began, software development.

Over the last decade, Marc had identified what he believed to be the right tools and technologies to deliver business management software to the micro, small and medium-sized business sector.

These tools enable/support some key areas that we believe a business needs from technology. Namely:

  • Dependability – Software systems that support a business must be reliable and well-supported. For this reason, we continue to deliver most of our back-office systems using PHP. Now in version 8, PHP powers a significant part of the Internet and does it reliably and with a large cohort of developers. Our cloud-based systems continue to use Apache which similarly powers well in excess of half the Internet and with similar reliability. Finally, we base our back-office development around mysql for the same reasons.
  • Cloud-Based – Whilst this has become something of a buzzword within the IT world, it still does remain a valuable and dependable mode of deploying software systems. Codeframe systems are all located in world-class datacentres with locations available around the globe and based upon the Linux operating system for maximum support and reliability.
  • Best of Breed and Inhouse – A careful mix of these two concepts delivers great results whilst keeping key core skills in house. It doesn’t add a great deal of value to our customers if we operate our own datacentres, so we outsource this to reliable providers. It does however, add to the dependability and security of our systems if we retain and build skills around server management – so we manage all our client server systems ourselves.
  • Blending Established and Leading Edge – Over the last 5 years or so, a number of new technologies have emerged which have opened up measurable benefits for business that use them. Codeframe has adopted some of these in targeted situations but has not migrated over to them fully because they equally appear not well evolved and this does represent risk to our customers. In the fight between bleeding edge and proven established, proven wins; every time. That all said, we are excited by the opportunities that technologies such as VueJS and Flutter bring and we are using these aggressively right now to monitor the benefits vs risks – things look good.