LDR; The phone network in the UK will move from the traditional copper wire service to full VoIP in 2025.

In 2017, BT OpenReach declared that they would be “switching off” the traditional phone network in 2025. As things stand, they’re on course for that.

This will affect phone systems that operate using PSTN and ISDN as well as other systems that depend on phone lines such as Alarms, PDQ devices and more. As of Sept 2022, no further orders are being accepted for these types of service.

We don’t often talk about Telecoms but, it crops up in many areas for us and we provide full VoIP services (number registration, phone systems, handsets, IVR etc) to a number of clients as well as connected systems such as Number Registration and SMS/WhatsApp messaging.

What does this mean for you?

Obviously, any new procurement of phone systems etc should bear this in mind and be firmly targeted at VoIP and it would be wise to build an inventory of any systems inside the business currently using these technologies and formulate a plan to migrate or upgrade well ahead of the 2025 deadline.