Website Development

codeframe offers a full web development service whether your business needs a root and branch review of it’s brand through to an adjustment to an existing sys.

Responsive Web Design

Step 1 – The Brand

Initially, we need to build a set of guidelines that can be communicated to the various people who will be involved in the build. The ability to communicate the brand’s guidelines is an essential step in being sure that the Brand is well defined and that everyone involved understands it clearly.

The may be as straight-forward as designing a logo and specifying some preferred colours and fonts. or it may be a more involved process of identifying the customer profile(s) and researching how to address them as an audience.

Step 2 – The Content

The next step is to work on the content of the website, determining what messages, text and images are required. During this stage, our designers will also map out one or more template pages that can be used for different content. Some pages will possible have higher text-to-imagery ratio whereas others may be principally an image with a small amount of accompanying text.

During this stage we can also map out where it may be useful to pull live data from various sources into the website to give your web presence a more dynamic and professional edge.

Step 3 – The Build Phase

Now we have a good handle on the design and the content, we can start to pull it together into an initial website for you to review. As much planning as we do, there will nearly always be changes as we move towards putting a website live. But, don’t worry, we know this happens – we’re ready for it.

Step 4 – Go Live

The last stage is to make the website live. This may involve a small or lot of pre-go live testing. It is at this stage that, if WordPress is the desired platform, we will convert the website into a format that can be held by WordPress ready to allow your team to manage the content going forward.

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